The word butler relates to the French word botellier (bottle bearer) and in fact he is a connoisseur of fine wines and a master of etiquette. Most butlers no longer dress in as formal a manner as in the past, except for formal occasions. They are however appropriately attired for all occasions. If he is the most senior worker, he is usually of higher status and pay, than most of the staff.

In estates who employ several domestics, many job responsibilities and titles are interchangeable according to the family’s needs. Butlers can be called majordomos, estate managers or chauffeurs. They serve their employer’s family and guests in a discreet, and professional manner.

Butlers know formal serving and how to set a formal table, assist with light housekeeping chauffeuring, arranging trips, meet and greet guests with a hospitality mindset, while keeping the front entrance in good order. Professional butlers provide the highest level of personalized service to their employers.

Butler Duties:

  • Oversee the staff and assist in their training
  • Experienced in formal serving, table setting, etiquette and fine wines
  • Assist in planning vacations and packing
  • Takes care of the front walkway and welcomes guests as needed