Estate mangers were used for residential rentals even before the great depression. Today they are still in charge of all the details and minutia involved in running an estate. They wear many hats. They hire staff, delegate responsibilities and oversee household operations. They are tech savvy, financially astute, able to oversee construction projects, good communicators and problem solvers. Titles may change from majordomos to butlers, but their dedication to the security and comfort of the family remains tantamount.

A houseman may be required to do anything from gardening to heavier inside and outside cleaning, driving, cooking, serving and hiring repairmen. They can paint, do minor repairs, clean windows and lawn furniture. Many of their responsibilities overlap the chauffeur, butler and house manager. Compensation depends on how their skills match the requirements.

Estate Manager:

  • Full charge maintenance inside and outside of the home
  • In charge of details for operations, event planning, trip arrangements and guest needs
  • May Oversee Home security
  • May help with financial services, oversee vendors and repairs as needed
  • Hire and oversee household staff


  • General repairs i.e. painting /gardening/ yard clean up and carpentry
  • Schedule and oversee vendors and repairs
  • May include some plumbing and electrical issues
  • May include heavy housework, formal or informal cooking and serving
  • Repair or maintain pool, automobiles and machinery