Must Have List:

  • Solid work history
  • Legal documentation
  • American driver licenses
  • Checkable reference numbers
  • Multi staffed home experience is a plus

With over 30 years of specialization in domestic service personnel, our objective is to assist families in securing a talented staff for their homes. Over the years, Capitol Search has cultivated a fine tuned sense in securing domestic couples with a proven track record of success that match a family’s unique requirements.

Professional Couples are two talented individuals, usually married who work together as a full charge team to keep homes and estates running seamlessly. These are usually live in positions as the couples jointly manage all the day to day responsibilities involved in running a large home or estate. They take care of both the inside and the outside of the home and deal with maintenance, repairs, vendors and emergencies that may arise.

They assist each other while providing a wide variety of hands on services that might otherwise necessitate a larger staff. Most professional couples perform traditional roles but they can also provide pet care, elder care, child care and personal assistant responsibilities. They render an individualized mix of skills and services that best compliment a families unique requirements and lifestyle.

The gentleman is usually assigned House Manager and Property Manager responsibilities along with driving and automobile maintenance. He oversees the household staff, vendors, contractors and landscapers, and assists his partner with housekeeping, formal or family style cooking and serving.

The lady provides meticulous and well organized housekeeping, laundry, ironing and personal assistant responsibilities. She is a good cook with the ability to prepare nicely presented meals for the family and for more formal events. She drives, does errands and cares for the children as needed.

* Capitol Search checks criminal , driving and sex offender history