The word chauffeur or ‘chaufer’ was originally the French nickname for a motorist or a stoker. Stokers were people who stoked the steam powered engines of that time. Today the term is used for people who drive their employer’s luxury automobiles.

Chauffeurs provide safe and comfortable ground transportation for family members and their guests, to airports, seaports, recreational activities, sporting events and other destinations while keeping the family’s automobiles in fine working order. They oversee repairs, maintenance, inspections and keep the automobile meticulously clean.

They run errands and may transport the children to school and after school activities. In addition chauffeurs may take on other responsibilities. In many large homes and estates, job titles and various responsibilities of the household staff are interchangeable. Chauffeurs should have a good sense of direction, timing and scheduling and be professional in their demeanor. Most imperative however, is a clean driving history.

Chauffeur Duties:

  • Responsible for driving family members and guests
  • Airport pickup/professional/social events/outings &errands
  • Driving children to school related activities
  • Security services may be required
  • May assist in home or office
  • Help maintain families privacy and security
  • Punctual and knowledgeable of schedules and locations