In Britain, royal nannies cared for the physical and emotional needs of future kings and queens. Picking the right nanny was then and is still essential today. When a family member can’t be there, it’s imperative to select a thoroughly vetted nanny.

We differentiate between a baby sitter and a nanny because a baby sitter works only as needed, while a nanny works more consistently, live in, live out, full time, part time or just on weekends. Oftentimes it feels as if the nanny becomes part of the family.

A nanny’s responsibility is to nurture children with warmth and dedication while being sensitive and respectful to the parents priorities for raising their child. She feeds, cleans, transports them and is committed to keeping them healthy and happy. She teaches basic skills and helps a child recognize their talents while patiently encouraging them to reach their full potential.

Nanny Duties:

  • Assist infants through teen years with developmental milestones
  • Support child’s physical and emotional needs
  • Assist with basic learning and language skills
  • Be proactive w/creative crafts, outings and activities
  • Inform parents of children’s accomplishments and or concerns
  • Arrange play groups, extra curricular activities and outings
  • Drive to school, activities, schedule and take to appointments
  • Keep home tidy/ light cooking/ laundry/ keep child’s room clean
  • Provides a safe, warm and clean environment for children