The word chef is derived from the french, word chef de cuisine, meaning the head of the kitchen. A chef’s most essential requirement is to have excellent culinary skills. They are skilled at family cooking, formal, international fare and spa cuisine. They direct kitchen operations, prepare menus, keep pantries full, and maintain an immaculate kitchen.

They know how to serve and create both casual and formal table settings for special events while making an appealing presentation. Chefs must observe restrictions related to food allergies, other health issues, and adhere to dietary restrictions based on religious requirements.

Chefs Duties:

  • Maintaining appliances
  • All kitchen inventory
  • Purchasing groceries
  • Maintaining an immaculate kitchen

A good family style cook. Responsible for all tasks food and kitchen related and keeping the pantry stocked Grocery shop/ organize/ prepare menus & meals for family or special events Complete kitchen clean up Table arrangement/ Informal & may include Formal Serving **Most Chefs have attended a Culinary School.