The term Property Managers was used in the 1930‘s for those individuals whose only responsibility was to collect rent. Today they are accountable for the care of the exterior of their employer’s estates. This involves the overall management, operation, oversight and general maintenance of their property.

They purchase equipment and machinery, keep them repaired and fine tuned, and are on top of their preventative maintenance. They oversee automobile maintenance, take them for repairs and inspection and keep them meticulously clean. They may do some chauffeuring, help with security, hire and oversee vendors, and handymen.

Property Managers, often clean, arrange and set up furniture for outdoor parties, maintain or oversee the tennis courts, pools, decks and other outside structures. They may assist with painting, handyman type repairs and should be flexible to assist with other projects inside or outside of the home. Their primary responsibility however is to keep the appearance of the grounds in pristine condition.

Property Manager Duties:

  • Oversee repairs, lawn mowers, snow blowers, autos and may include driving
  • Assist w/care of gardens, lawns, leaves, shrubs, trees and flowers
  • Supervise and schedule repairs and outside vendors
  • Order supplies and equipment for estate
  • May include, pool cleaning & knowledge of chemical applications